Your school may ask you to upload documents as part of the Athletic Clearance process. If your document is longer than a page, you will need to merge your documents into a single file. Uploading each page separately will result in only the most recently uploaded page displayed to your school. 

You have several options for how to merge your documents.

1. Use an app. There are many free, third party apps, like Genius Scan (Apple)(Android), that will allow you to take pictures of your forms and merge them within the app. You can then email them to yourself or upload them to your clearance directly from your mobile device. 

Click Here for additional instructions on how to scan multiple pages into one file.

2. Click Here for Instructions on how to merge documents on a Mac (iOS) Computer.

3. Unfortunately PC Users must use a third party website or program to merge your documents. We recommend downloading a free scanner app onto your phone to scan and merge your documents into a single file.

4. If you are unable to merge your forms, you can forward them to us via the Support Website ( and we can assist you in merging your forms. Please forward us your file in either JPG, PDF, or PNG format.

Once you have merged your documents into a single file, upload them to your clearance!